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Group Supported Employment

From teaching problem-solving, to adapting to daily changes and social skills, Hacienda’s group supported employment (GSE) program is designed to prepare participants for employment through volunteer opportunities modeled to simulate a real-life workplace.

Our participants are encouraged to excel in the performance of simple tasks, mature workplace behavior, and effective communication with colleagues and supervisors.

Vocational Training Program

Real world experience in a safe and supportive environment

Vocational Training Services

Our training program allows participants to learn necessary skills that will equip them to enter the competitive workforce and find sustainable employment opportunities with confidence and knowledge. The program offers participants real world experiences with money management, customer service, inventory control, food preparation, janitorial and cleaning duties, volunteer opportunities, among many other integral work opportunities.

The workplace curriculum is taught in a safe and supportive environment and tracked based on mastery of skills, with the last week of each month designed to review, repeat, and work on skills that require more emphasis for skill mastery.

Our experienced professional job coaches tailor the curriculum for each individual, offering specialized coaching to build the confidence in our participants. They help each individual develop a foundation for success in their transition into a more independent employment setting if they desire.

Hacienda’s work training simulations – including our in-house store and design programs – teach real-world skills by recreating the dynamic needs of a 21st century workplace. We connect with each participant in meaningful ways, making work fun while enhancing their strengths, overcoming challenges, and building relevant skill sets.

Our goal is your goal: To help your loved one achieve independence and change his or her life for the better through employment.

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