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Give From Your Heart. Get Your Tax Credit.

Your donation supports Hacienda HealthCare’s compassionate, committed care every hour, every day.

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Your typically tax-deductible donation helps provide resources and specialized care for Hacienda patients and families. With Arizona’s Qualifying Charitable Organizations Tax Credit (QCO), your donation will benefit those in need and your own family.

How it works

The state of Arizona offers, through the Arizona Charitable Tax credit, an incredible incentive for taxpayers who donate to qualified charities like Hacienda HealthCare, Inc. You can make monetary gifts up of to $841 per year for joint filers and $421 annually for single filers and get it right back on your Arizona tax return*. Your gift reduces your Arizona tax liability as if you had already paid the tax. You can even spread your gifts over the year with monthly donations.

*Please consult a tax professional.

Hacienda Inc., 501(c)(3) EIN: 86-0253158 (QCO Code: 20042)
Los Ninos Hospital Inc., 501(c)(3) EIN: 86-0892673