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Welcome to Hacienda’s Day Treatment & Training for Adults (DTA) program in Phoenix! We are here to help your loved ones who have developmental disabilities. Our goal is to provide a warm and caring environment for adults of all ages with various disabilities.

Day Treatment Facility

Enriching Experiences at Hacienda’s DTA Program

Hacienda’s DTA program offers an array of services tailored to meet the unique and ever-changing needs of our participants. This includes exercises to improve movement, fun sensory activities, massages, and weekly music therapy.

We also have activities for individuals and groups to ensure that each person gets personalized attention and care. For those with special medical needs, we plan outings that allow them to explore the world in a safe and welcoming setting.

One of the highlights of our program is our community outings, which happen several times throughout the week. These trips include attending local sporting events, daytime concerts, libraries, museums, community events, restaurants, scenic drives, and community volunteer opportunities.

We believe that recreational experiences and social opportunities are essential for personal growth and happiness. These activities allow participants to build strong, positive relationships with their peers while also enjoying all aspects of community life.

Our commitment to learning and growth does not end there. We are an inclusive program and welcome individuals aged 18 and older with intellectual and physical disabilities to join us on a journey. Our aim is to help them build on their strengths, gain independence, connect with others, and become active members of the community.

At Hacienda, we celebrate your loved ones for who they are and their exceptionalities. During our intake process, we take the time to get to know them and their goals. This helps us figure out which of our programs will be the best fit. We are dedicated to providing the best possible experience, with unwavering support and respect every step of the way.

Your loved ones are in caring hands at Hacienda’s DTA program!

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