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Legacy Giving

Let your legacy make a difference in special lives

Through a planned legacy gift or endowment, you can ensure that Hacienda will continue its mission far into the future and, at the same time, reduce your tax burden.  The infants, children and young adults who need the best medical care along with their families may never know what you did, but because you gave, you helped them achieve their fullest potential.

We’re available to provide you with the information and materials you need to include charitable giving in your estate plan. To request more information or arrange a personal visit, please contact Sierra Kamela at gro.eraChtlaeHadneicaHnull@alemaKS or call 602.243.4231 x176 for more information.  We have several options for you to consider:

Legacy Guild

To become a member of the Legacy Guild, an individual must make a commitment to the future of Hacienda HealthCare through a legacy or an endowment, retirement savings, life insurance or real assets. For more information, please contact Sierra Kamela at gro.eraChtlaeHadneicaHnull@alemaKS or call 602.243.4231 x176.

Gifts by Wills and Trusts

Remembering Hacienda HealthCare in your will or living trust is just one of the ways you can provide for Hacienda HealthCare while remaining in control of your assets.  You can also avoid costly estate taxes after you are gone. Even those with small estates can arrange to leave a meaningful gift and play a role in the future of Hacienda HealthCare. Charitable bequests in wills or living trusts can take several forms:

  • You can leave a specific bequest of cash or other property.
  • You can contribute a percentage of your estate and feel comforted in securing the future of your loved ones while sustaining the future of the Hacienda HealthCare.
  • If you already have a will or living trust and would like to add a bequest for Hacienda HealthCare’s foundation, you can easily do so with a codicil. A codicil is an attachment to your will stating a change. Under many circumstances a codicil can be added to your will or trust with just a phone call to your attorney.

Gifts of Retirement Savings Including IRAs

Individuals often go to great lengths to plan for their retirement. By working hard and planning ahead, you may have set aside significant assets to ensure a comfortable retirement.  Unfortunately, assets left in your retirement plans (e.g., IRA, 401K, stocks, CDs, etc.) after you are gone may be subject to income, estate, capital gains, or even generation-skipping taxes.  Combined, these taxes can reach as high as 85% of the value of the assets themselves, only leaving a small portion of your retirement savings to your loved ones.

By designating Hacienda HealthCare as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, you can reduce these taxes and make a meaningful gift to the children in your community.  You can be comforted in leaving other assets (real estate that is taxed at a much lower rate) for your loved ones.

Gifts of Real Estate

By irrevocably designating Hacienda HealthCare as beneficiary of your home, you can enjoy immediate income tax savings based on a portion of the value of your home while still living there.  After you are gone, your estate will also benefit from estate tax savings because of your thoughtful gift.

Gifts Through Life Insurance

A gift through an existing life insurance policy you no longer need is an easy and affordable way to make a significant contribution.  For example, if you purchased a policy to provide for your child’s education in the event of your premature death and your child is now grown, you can designate Hacienda HealthCare as an irrevocable beneficiary of the policy. By doing so, you will generate an income tax deduction and have the satisfaction of supporting Hacienda HealthCare and its affiliates.  Life insurance policies with an accumulated cash value can also be transferred to trusts, thus creating an income stream for yourself, your loved ones and Hacienda HealthCare.

Advanced Strategies to Maximize Tax Benefits

Depending on your estate and your current tax situation, there are a number of advanced strategies that are available, including various forms of charitable trusts. These strategies would be matched with your individual situation, and we encourage you to include your professional advisors in your planning.

For more information on our Legacy Giving please contact:
Sierra Kamela
602.243.4231 x176