Protecting Parental Rights

Driving along the streets of our cities, we are bombarded by the waves of red, white and blue signage urging us to vote for a plethora of candidates in the upcoming elections. Radio talk shows are buzzing with opinions from all sides of the political spectrum. Whether you are passionate or indifferent, your support in influencing government and “public policy” plays a major role in protecting the rights of vulnerable citizens, like the ones entrusted to our care.

Last year, Hacienda HealthCare faced some major challenges within the ever-evolving realm of healthcare. Several state policies were changed regarding parental rights for the medically fragile and the intellectually and developmentally disabled. The parental rights to choose where their loved ones would be taken care of was being challenged. These challenges affected the families who had chosen Hacienda or were seeking to place their loved ones at Hacienda. Our reputation for excellence in care, providing a community of support, and providing a home-like atmosphere where each person can live to their highest potential is why families choose Hacienda.

In the field of public policy, we recognize that it is important “to act or be acted upon.” We reached out to each of you for support either personally or via social media and your response was tremendous. Your advocacy on behalf of Hacienda was heartfelt and meaningful. Whether it was your signature on a petition, sharing our Hacienda story with a friend, a donation of your time, or even donating $5 or $5000, every effort was an act of good will.

Your willingness to sign our petition and lend your name in support of our cause or to donate your hard-earned dollars, helped us to be the voice supporting parental rights to choose for those that cannot speak for themselves.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness and advocacy on behalf of our families and their loved ones. We express our gratitude for your support, and we remain forever grateful for your involvement.

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