Hacienda Healthcare

Our residential group homes create a sense of community and support for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  They are located in residential neighborhoods and offer specialized programming and goal attainment programs based on each individual’s needs. We want to encourage the highest level of independence, while still promoting human developmental skills including fine motor skills, self-help skills, gross motor skills, cognitive skills and social skills.

In addition to the group homes, Hacienda provides individually designed living arrangements (IDLA). The IDLAs provide the least restrictive environment while promoting independence and continuing education. The staffing support promotes patient safety. The IDLAs provide a unique opportunity for the individual to integrate into his community, increase his self-reliance and build his self-confidence. The ultimate goal is for each patient to be able to live a truly independent life.

All of our services and care are focused on promoting self-determination and independence in an effort to increase the quality of life of those we support.