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Intermediate Care Facility (ICF)

Hacienda HealthCare operates an Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, commonly referred to as an ICF-IID. We provide residential care for individuals unable to live independently who also benefit from a structured, communal setting with peers and professionals by their side.

At Hacienda, we do everything we can to help your loved one thrive.

Intermediate Care Facility

A unique care model for unique people

Intermediate Care Facility
We believe that individuals with intellectual disabilities who are not able to live at home, or in a group home, deserve to live in a setting that provides a homelike environment where they can learn, grow, and thrive. Through Active Treatment, we aim to enable our residents to reach their optimal levels of physical, intellectual, social, and functional abilities.

Hacienda’s ICF offers high quality care around the clock in a secure environment. What sets Hacienda’s ICF apart is the specialized level of medical care we provide and our attentive, long-term team members, who dedicate themselves to caring for the most vulnerable people in Arizona. Our experienced, compassionate team members and our warm, inviting atmosphere make Hacienda feel like home to your loved one and for your family visits.

At the heart of what we do is communication – we want to make sure you feel confident your loved one is receiving the care he or she needs at every moment they need it. Our low resident-to-caregiver ratio and person-centered approach to serving our residents provides the exceptional, compassionate care your loved one deserves. Individualized care and person-centered services are designed by the individual, their family, and the interdisciplinary team to promote growth and independence at home and in the community.

A place your loved one can call HOME.

This is their home, and we are here to support them with every step, every day.

The Hacienda ICF offers private bedrooms for all residents and comfortable shared living and dining areas. Skilled care, respiratory therapy and nursing are coordinated by an interdisciplinary team and are diversified to meet everyone’s individualized needs.

Hacienda offers our residents Active Treatment – the continuous, aggressive, consistent implementation of a program of habilitation, specialized and generic training, treatment, health services, and related services directed toward the acquisition or maintenance of the behaviors necessary for the individual to function with as much self-determination and independence as possible.

The ICF engages residents in Active Treatment through formal habilitative programs, informal daily routines, special events/activities and seizing the opportunities of unplanned teachable moments. Through Active Treatment we can achieve goals in accordance with each person’s strengths, needs and preferences.

Choice-making, sensory awareness, socialization, communication, money management, medication administration, activities of daily living and cognitive skill building are just a few of the core skill domains that may comprise an individual’s Active Treatment plan.

Hacienda offers ICF residents outings and excursions into the community, including trips to museums, libraries, shopping centers, aquariums, movie theaters, restaurants, local parks and gardens. We also offer specialized events suited to individual interests – even monster truck shows!

We are able to involve all loved ones with heightened medical and respiratory needs who otherwise may not be able to participate in the community by providing respiratory therapists for transportation in the community.

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