Viviana’s Story

Viviana's Story

Photo of Viviana and Brianna Brianna’s daughter, Viviana was born eight years ago with extremely low muscle tone that left her unable to walk, sit, stand, eat, or breathe on her own.  Viviana was almost three years old before the family received a diagnosis of Congenital Myasthenia Syndrome. Her condition requires 24-hour life support. Brianna explained, “Ninety-five percent of our energy is dedicated to seeing to it that her needs are met. She requires the use of a ventilator and tracheostomy tube for breathing, a G-tube for feeding, a wheelchair for mobility, a central line for medication and various orthotic devices for support.” Viviana is a client of Los Niños Home Medical Services which provides all of Viviana’s respiratory equipment and incontinence supplies.

Photo of Viviana and Brianna“The staff of the Los Niños Home Medical program consistently go above and beyond to meet our families’ needs. No request is ever too big. It could be the middle of the night or a Sunday at dinner time, no matter the time, Respiratory Therapists are always available to troubleshoot equipment and deliver supplies at a moment’s notice.”

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