Serendipity Meets TIP – Technology Implementation Program

It was the last week in December when Lori Aune from ARCHSOL, a healthcare architectural firm based in north Scottsdale, called to make a request. Lori, a friend of Hacienda’s, explained that ARCHSOL was upgrading some of its office equipment and that the old computers, printers, and CAD/large format printers needed a new home. Without hesitation Hacienda said yes to the tech gifts.

Hacienda’s IT department and the head of its Technology Implementation Program (TIP) were notified of the gift. Hacienda offers pre-vocational and vocational training for young adult men and women living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). TIP, a subset of that program, specializes in technological skills training using computers, software, and robotics. Tom Burick who leads the program, discovered the amazing talents that these young adults, living with Autism, have in the area of technology.

Lori Aune (far right) and the ARCHSOL team

Tom and the members of TIP made arrangements to pick up the donated equipment, and when they did, they were totally shocked! The type of high-caliber equipment they were receiving was something out of a dream.

When Chandler TechShop closed abruptly last November, the members of TIP were very dismayed. The classes and state-of-the-art equipment available at the shop for their tech-oriented vocational training, was no longer accessible. Nevertheless, they remained hopeful.

When the TIP crew saw the large format printer in the bundle of gifts from ARCHSOL, it was a wish come true.

The first, self-directed project for the TIP members was the creation of a large banner printed on the large-format printer saying “Thank you” to ARCHSOL for the amazing gift.

Thank you Lori and ARCHSOL for giving our TIP program these special gifts.

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