Hacienda Children’s Hospital

We provide the bridge from hospital to home when the crisis has passed, but a child is not well enough to go home.

Hacienda Children’s Hospital is Arizona’s newest free-standing, non-tertiary care children’s hospital.

Our 24-bed hospital provides non-emergency, non-surgical, step-down medical care to children and hands-on training to each parent – all in a tranquil, family-centered atmosphere.

Children come to us for a wide variety of medical care needs. Whether a child comes from a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for feeding support, or is directly admitted from a pediatrician’s office for phototherapy, our dedicated staff is experienced in meeting the unique medical needs of each child.

Once a child is referred to Hacienda Children’s, an excellent team of physicians, nurses and respiratory, physical, occupational and speech therapists will be there to provide the highest standard of care.

Drug Dependent Newborn Program

Hacienda Children’s Hospital Drug Dependent Newborn Program provides treatment and management to infants who suffer from Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS).

Without specialized care, drug dependent newborns face a lifetime of challenges.

Our mission at Hacienda Children’s Hospital is to provide these babies with a safe, loving environment while they go through withdrawal. Staffed with neonatologists that care for and follow the treatment of each baby along with specially trained nurses, and volunteers our goal is to reduce the length of time these precious infants need medical care and help give them a brighter future.

Our case manager works directly with families and the Department of Child Safety to assure that the infant is discharged safely either with family or a foster placement. Training and education are mandatory for the families as we require nesting with the baby for at least 24-hours to assure there is a good understanding of the care and patience they require.

Hacienda Children’s Hospital Brochure

Hacienda Children’s Hospital
610 W Jerome Ave | Mesa, AZ 85210

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