Ivan’s Story

Jacob's Story

Photo of Lucy and JacobPrior to this day, Margaret’s 3 month old son was in great distress. He was listless with eyes rolling back into his head. Little Ivan was taken to Cardon Children’s Medical Center for emergency care. After being stabilized, he was transferred to Hacienda Children’s Hospital to complete the slow process of healing and gaining weight.

Ivan was born with an autoimmune disorder that kept him from absorbing the nutrients from the food he was being fed. His mother, also recovering from surgery after giving birth to him, had her own doctors’ appointments to keep.

Our loving nurses took care of Ivan around the clock with tight feeding schedules while Mom visited her doctors. Margaret was able to sleep on a comfortable pullout bed in a spacious room alongside Ivan. With a place to rest like home, Margaret was educated by our nurses on Ivan’s fragile condition and given hands-on training on how to care for him once he was ready to go home. Today, Margaret and Ivan continue to thrive at home.

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