History of Hacienda

The 1990s

The 1990s served as a turning point for Hacienda. The challenges of the 1980s—which included new regulations and substantial financial investments to meet those regulatory requirements—took a toll on Hacienda’s financial health. Up to this point, frequent changes in the organization’s leadership did not provide the stability that was needed to operate and grow into a strong organization.

Tom Pomeroy, who later served as Hacienda’s Board President, hired Bill Timmons as CEO. With Timmons’ stable leadership and a business-oriented Board, the organization began to grow. This growth allowed Hacienda to diversify its continuum of care and offer programs to meet community needs.

Hacienda secured Los Niños Hospital, Phoenix’s first free-standing children’s hospital in 1994. It was a bold move for Hacienda. Los Niños Hospital provided a smaller homelike environment for the children and their families. Children who needed longer acute and sub-acute care didn’t have to stay in a large hospital once they had stabilized. Los Niños received referrals from the large hospitals and drastically lowered the cost of medical care. And, unlike the large tertiary care hospitals, Los Niños did not provide emergency or surgical services. The business model was a win-win for the medical community, insurance providers, and families.

Los Niños Hospital continued to diversify and began a new program to provide medical equipment to its clients who needed ventilators for breathing support. Other programs were added as community needs arose for children and young adults with special needs. These programs continue today and have sparked new ones as community needs are identified.

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