Hacienda’s 13th Annual Prom

As the sun began to set, Hacienda’s front parking lot turned into a soothing oasis complete with tropical flowers, tiki torches, and a frothing volcano. Hula music played softly in the background as guests arrived and mingled. Guests donned grass skirts, colorful leis, and Aloha shirts as the evening’s attire.

Hacienda resident, Jibri Crawford, along with Hacienda’s Prom committee, outdid themselves for the 13th year in a row with this year’s Pacific Island theme. The event was headed up by Tina Meredith who has chaired the prom committee for the last three years. Though Kalua pig was not on the evening’s menu, Chef Mario presented a luau-inspired buffet of pulled pork and barbeque chicken, delicious sides, and desserts.

The evening had several surprises, including the crowning of Jonathan and Kimberly as Prom King and Queen. Both were extremely excited as Bill Timmons, Hacienda’s CEO and President, announced their names and crowned them with headdresses befitting an island king and queen. Later on, Oka Hona Dancers, whose heritage comes from the Kingdom of Tonga, showed up to perform several dances from the islands of Hawaii, Tahiti, and New Zealand. It was a delightful sight that inspired both clients and staff to participate. In fact, the last dance set was performed by 15 of Hacienda’s male clients and staff, including Mr. Timmons. They learned to be very scary and had the crowd roaring as they performed the New Zealand Haka! A big thanks goes to Jibri, Tina, and all the staff and volunteers who made our island Prom one of the most entertaining events of the year.

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