An Epic Performance

Three Hacienda Families Share their Stories on Camera for the First Time

The art of storytelling is universal and has served to inspire, motivate, and help us connect with others throughout history. But a story is only as compelling as the medium that’s used to deliver it.

Over the course of several weeks leading up to the 50th Anniversary Celebration, three families candidly shared their heartbreaking and all-at-once inspiring stories of caring for a loved one with special needs.

Under the direction of Epic Light Media’s, James Adams and Thomas Manning, each family talked on camera about their lives before Hacienda, and the compassion, community, and uplift they received when Hacienda became a part of their lives.

“No one can tell the Hacienda story better than the families whose lives have changed because of our existence,” said Arlín Acosta, Associate Manager of Marketing & Development. “Their stories are deeply moving and emblematic of Hacienda’s mission and purpose. You can’t help but feel love and compassion for each family.”

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